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academic coursework

Hazel Park Drama prepares young artists, technicians, and leaders for fulfilling creative lives and careers.

Learn more about our signature academic offerings at Hazel Park High School below. Every experience is further enriched by frequent attendance at plays and musicals, participation in talkbacks with professional actors and crew, and more!


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Hazel Park Schools is an accredited
public pre-K–12 district at the intersection of
Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties.

Drama I 

This semester-long course introduces students to the dramatic arts, especially live theatre. Creativity, collaboration, and perseverance are emphasized, as well as other life skills, such as interpersonal communication and presentational speaking. Key explorations include theatre history and vocabulary, physical and vocal acting, playwriting and dramatic structure, and arts appreciation. Students create individual and group projects throughout the semester, just as they would encounter in the professional world.

pre-requisites: none

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