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ITS Troupe 4443

First chartered in 1989, Hazel Park High School's excellence-promoting chapter—Troupe 4443—became inactive in 2009, following the retirement of long-time director Mr. Ron DelBello. It was rechartered in early 2023 by new director Mr. Mark Fairbrother. 


Troupe 4443 is an invitation-only affiliation for the highest-performing members of Hazel Park Drama. To be eligible for graduation honors, students must meaningfully contribute to at least two contiguous productions, pass a Drama course, boast exemplary academic attendance and citizenship, fulfill the duties of a leadership role, and more.

Each December, we join 1,600+ other high school theatre- and film-loving students and educators at the Michigan Thespian Festival, where participants engage in active workshops and compete against themselves in Thespy events. 


Hazel Park's delegation at the 2023 Michigan Thespian Festival in Lansing.


Christy Gardner ('24) scored "SUPERIOR" in Stage Management at 2023 Festival.

Troupe officers at 1993 Induction Ceremony:

Jennifer Lamphear, Kristi Shrank, Jill Morgan, Shawn Polito.

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